The Source reporting on LOST DOGS

February 11, 2009vanessaschulz21
The Source Weekly has an article by Charles Finn on “Lost Dogs.”

January 30, 2009
Travel writer, John Gottberg-Anderson, posted on his blog about “Lost Dogs,” titled,

1 Response to “The Source reporting on LOST DOGS”

  1. 1 Marie Lou March 5, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Dear Vanessa,

    I hope you remember me!! South Africa, Joburg sittin at the pool of your mothers house together with Karin Slater. Great to find you on they internet in Chile! Sounds great this adventure.
    I’ve been in and around and everywhere, last summer in Oregan (didn’t knew you’re there)
    I’m still working as researcher, perhaps moving to Curacao next year with my (new) man for a couple of years but first I’ll go there to see what’s the island looks like!

    Keep well and I love to see the film!
    With love
    Marie Lou

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