Saving puppies

Friday the 13th
I’ve been filming Gabriela Jarpa taking care of strays in poor, rural areas outside Santiago. In an open, dry lot, a man told us he found puppies that he covered with a wooden board for shade. Gabriela was the first to find them. She was crying when I reached her, “They are dead, they are dead.” She picked up one stiff corpse, then another. There was horror in her voice when suddenly she shouted, “He’s alive!” This tiny being, only a couple of days old, was still moving, eyes glued shut by dirt, wriggling with parasites, yet alive after a night in the cold and a day in the boiling heat without hydration. Two of the five were alive, the fifth had been chewed to bones by other hungry dogs.

We raced to the nearest store to buy formula. As soon as we put water in our hands the puppies came to life, wriggling and trying desperately to suckle. They had literally been rescued from the grave. Once they were somewhat stabilized, hydrated and fed, we took them to a friend of Gabriela who has a German Shepherd that just had puppies a couple of days prior. When the puppies were placed in with the existing litter, the mother accepted them without hesitation, herself grateful for her doghouse, her food, water and love. She was beautiful, so gentle and the puppies we left suckling madly between five others of the same age, shiny and fat.


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