120 Dog Lady

March 16, Monday
Today I met a 76-year old woman who lives in a tiny house with one hundred and twenty dogs. She has not had another person step inside her house in years, something I only found out after I got out! Being in a room with that many hungry dogs is an experience I’ll never forget. It has to be seen to be believed – on video of course. Stay tuned…

I went with Gabriela to confront the mayor about the removal of water and shelter from the locations where the dogs have been abandoned. We didn’t quite get to the mayor, but we did see his secretary who, not surprisingly, said we should write a letter, make multiple copies and mail it in to various departments. Next we went to the health department from where the order comes to remove the shelters considered “trash.” Their excuses were that the residents who live out there request the clean up; they didn’t know dogs live there (even though they’re all over the road from the municipality dumping them there); and they didn’t know there are people who care for the dogs. The mayor’s secretary did appear helpful though, so perhaps something will change, provided the dedication of the activists does not waver.

Gabriela and I went to a different section of the municipality to visit a puppy that had been left there one month prior (something that happens frequently). Gabriela must supply the food, the municipality is gracious enough to dish it out. The puppy sits in a cage all day and night, hopeful with each passer-by. We were about to leave when a van pulled up with a large dog in the back that had been struck twice by cars. His back legs were broken and he could not stand or move, his eyes were open but dazed. They brought him in on a cardboard stretcher and then ordered us to get out, angry for me filming. Despite his agony, this old soul had not made a sound.


1 Response to “120 Dog Lady”

  1. 1 Margarita April 1, 2009 at 4:34 am

    This IS truly amazing!Of course I do wonder how many are spayed or neutered if any.She can easily have so many more without it.How will she care and feed so many with no end in sight?

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