Return to Rinconada

dsc_0311aMarch 14, Saturday
I returned to Rinconada with a young man named Rodrigo, a friend of Gabriela who helps her feed the abandoned dogs here. When we got to the pack, we found the municipality had taken away the dog’s water and shelters. Combined with poor residents of the area stealing the food and blankets for their own dogs, this leaves nothing for the strays. I had wanted to stay out here with the pack of twenty for a couple of nights but we’re told it’s too dangerous. Not because of the dogs but people.

A white husky migrates between packs, scavenging what he can and challenging the alpha Rottweiler for dominance and a very vocal Pastor de Brie called “Chocolat,” a gigantic muppet dog so out of place out here; so big yet so visually tender in emotion as he pressed his head against my leg.

We struggled to leave after hours with the pack – the dogs lean into the car until you lift them off your lap and push them out. They run down the road behind the car, hopeful until they cannot see you any more.

People like Rodrigo and Gabriela have used the words “impotence,” “exhaustion,” “defeated,” “weakened” to describe how they feel when faced with the situation of homelessness. And to think that the municipality goes out to these marginalized places to dump unwanted dogs in the middle of the night, only to take away the water that people bring them. The activist’s battle is one that must be fought constantly.


2 Responses to “Return to Rinconada”

  1. 1 Brad Lockwood March 17, 2009 at 5:30 am

    Taking away the water and blankets? So sad. Yet so inspiring to see what you’re doing!

    Don’t stop! Everywhere you turn you must find more to find.

    Be safe and shoot everything (on film at least).


  2. 2 James Lewis March 17, 2009 at 6:35 am

    Vanessa, you are a brave woman. I cannot wait to see the end result but understand the difficulty, emotion, danger, hardship and dedication to make it happen.
    As we sit in our comfortable homes watching such productions and saying ‘aaah shame’ and i wish i could help or change this, one forgets what it takes to bring the story to us. I have a tiny idea and that is enough to fill me with admiration and awe. A monumental task done by those who care and love….not the bling and sexy but love the down trodden and scabby who make up this world. T%hank you for making us aware of the plight of all these beautiful animals. With lots of love always. xxx J

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