More puppies saved!

The dogs of Rinconada have made such an impression that I can’t help going back. They live on the outskirts of the city along a road famous for being the place to dump unwanted dogs. Packs have formed and the one we’ve been focusing on is made up of roughly twenty-five dogs, all sizes, breeds and temperaments. This story concerns two of the youngest members of this extraordinary group of dogs…

At three months old, the two puppies look tiny and much younger from malnourishment that’s stunted their growth. When Gabriella comes out to feed them they run with the pack, getting stomped on by the big dogs, their yelps drowned in the frenzy. They’re tough, gulping down big pellets of dry food alongside dogs thirty times their size. Without the attention of the volunteers who bring them water, they might not be able to reach inside the water containers. Simply put, it’s a miracle they’re alive.

While I was in Talcahouno to investigate the poisoning of dogs there, Gabriella went on her usual route to feed the dogs of Rinconada, only to find one of the puppies with an eye popped out of it’s socket. Most likely it happened from compression between the other dogs during feeding or a fight. Gabriella took the puppy to the municipality, arriving by 5pm but they close at 5:30, and we all know how government workers are about their hours; that, and apparently there was no one qualified to treat such an injury. Thankfully Gabriella was able to find another vet who performed an operation the same day.

Three days later, the one-eyed puppy was adopted out to a loving couple, both of whom are veterinarians. Rather in a home with one eye than in Rinconada with two!

A happy ending for one, but that still left the puppy’s brother alone with the pack in Rinconada, the last of a litter that at one point numbered seven (his five sisters had disappeared two months earlier).

I had been with the Rinconada pack for five hours. As night fell it became scary and cold. The dogs had been fighting and some were intent on nothing but sex. His mother anxiously staying nearby, the remaining puppy was being dry humped by a Pekingese gremlin in a form of canine pedophilia.

Never a dull moment in Rinconada, as I almost got my head bitten off by the Great White Shark of a German Shepherd that appears to be the understated alpha of the pack. A very loud and horny Rottweiler had something to say, which angered the German Shepherd that is protective of the puppy I happened to be holding at ground level right between them. I held the gaze for a few frightening seconds into the jaws of the Great White with flapping gums and enormous teeth. It was a sight to behold but not the safest place to be. I got up and felt his breath against my ear as I almost lost my head, literally.

What all these things did is make it impossible for us to leave the puppy there. Thankfully Gabriella’s heart is huge and she agreed to foster until we could find an adoptive home. So puppy number two is now safe in his fleecy coat with a full belly recently flushed of worms. We’ve called him “Rinco.”


1 Response to “More puppies saved!”

  1. 1 21paradigm May 4, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Hello Melissa! My apologies for the late reply.

    Rinco the puppy is still living with Gabriela and is up for adoption. He will remain fairly small to medium. I’m not sure of the breed but the person to ask for details is his foster mother, Gabriela Jarpa. Her email: / Facebook:

    Please help if you can, Rinco is an adorable, well-natured sweetheart and three new (very young) puppies have just been abondoned in Rinconada. It’s not certain if they will survive and it would be a tremendous help to Gabriela if Rinco went to a good home.

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