Bob goes home

DSC_0030After saving this cocker spaniel’s life with a two-week stay at a clinic – involving a blood transfusion, maggot-removal, antibiotics and nourishment – Gabriela Jarpa took Bob back to the home where we found him in such awful condition. We had posted blogs and emailed in search of a loving home but no one offered, so the only recourse in the face of overfull shelters and clinics was to take him back where we found him.
Gabriela stops in to see him every time she goes out to feed the strays in Rinconada and she assures me Bob is doing very well. He has been invited inside the house and has regained his spirit, while his owners have learnt much by example. Thank you Gabriela.


1 Response to “Bob goes home”

  1. 1 James Lewis May 12, 2009 at 5:42 am

    I cannot wait to see the film and images. It is heart breaking but also heart warming. There are people that care.
    I cannot begin to imagine what suffering us humans inflict on animals both domestic and wild, all over this tiny planet. Have we totally lost all sense on Being with Gaia?
    Well done Vanessa, we need to know about all of this and getting that message out there is never easy in any way.
    I wonder when the paradigm shift will occur and i wonder if we are all too late.
    Love, peace and compassion.

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