Update on “Rinco” the Rinconada puppy

DSC_0238Rinco is still living with Gabriela Jarpa in the Maipu district of Santiago, awaiting a permanent home. One of Gabriela’s three cats has developed an illness due to past trauma and the stress of being in close proximity with a dog. Please, if anyone knows of a loving home for this adorable pooch, please contact Gabriela gaviota.jarpa@gmail.com.

RinPupsIn the mean time three new puppies, younger than Rinco, were abandoned two weeks ago in Rinconada, an area outside Santiago where people routinely dump unwanted dogs. One puppy was adopted out but survival of the remaining two is uncertain with a cold, wet winter already underway. Gabriela and her friends have done all they can to build makeshift shelters. One of the terriers we came to know in Rinconada was killed by a car. It’s day by day out there.


1 Response to “Update on “Rinco” the Rinconada puppy”

  1. 1 Gabriela May 11, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Hi Vanessa

    The babies in the photo .. there is only one .. the black !!
    the brown with blue light eyes I gave in adoptacion last week 🙂
    and other desappear .. 😦

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