Murder in Rinconada

DSC_0131aI have received word from Gabriela Jarpa that someone used strychnine to poison the dogs in Rinconada. Three are dead and two are missing. One day before getting the news, I sent Gabriela an email offering to adopt this sweetheart (left) with the annoying habit of licking my face, any human face. What a shock to find out she is one of the dead. This photo of her is slightly out of focus because I could never keep her far enough away from me to focus properly. For her size, she had mountains of love to give.


1 Response to “Murder in Rinconada”

  1. 1 James Lewis June 2, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    When you see/read about the magnitude of the problem with the dogs in Chile and then look around, worldwide, it seems the task is too daunting. How do you save dogs, cats and many other animals in need of good care.
    The issue is education, legislation, compassion and a will to change the current situation into one where us humans take responsibility for being the custodians or all living creatures.
    I pray that Vanessa’s work will highlight the plight of animals in distress, not only in Chile but worldwide.
    One step at a time….and the poor dogs don’t have time.

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