Zunko, anyone?

DSC_0888Zunko was among those left behind when the residents of Chaiten were evacuated. For almost a year, he continued to survive on three legs in a ghost town with a pack of dogs that were quickly becoming wild. Given his disability, he was much closer to starvation than the other dogs. A family that eventually returned to Chaiten (despite the looming and very active volcano) took pity on Zunko and began feeding him. He soon overcame his fear, allowing the people to touch him, and deepening his bond, he would follow the man into the fields to help him work (most owned dogs work in Chile). The family, however, decided he would be better off adopted out by CEFU, the organization leading the rescue campaign. Little did they know how poorly run the rescue would be – the person in charge of their current, temporary housing in Puerto Montt is threatening to open the doors and “free” the dogs, thus condemning them to a life on the streets or death.

Zunko was the poster dog of the CEFU campaign and several people had offered to adopt him. Yet he still waits, confined, his fate precarious to say the least. If all goes well, the dogs will soon be transported from Puerto Montt to Santiago where their adoption campaign continues. It is hard to fault anyone for the lack of coordination, it is simply that the activists are often defeated by the scale of the problem and the shortages of funds, resources and manpower. Never think that you cannot help. A forwarded email, word-of-mouth, a donation, adoption…


1 Response to “Zunko, anyone?”

  1. 1 Thao Nguyen July 4, 2009 at 7:56 am

    Hey, can I adopt Zunko?!! I would love to help.

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