Four Lucky Dogs… need a courier

Fantastic news… FOUR LUCKY DOGS from Chile, characters in the “Lost Dogs” documentary, will be adopted in the US!! Provided we find one piece of the puzzle…

Pixie Project, a non-profit animal adoption center and pet supply store in Portland, Oregon has agreed to take three dogs when these spaces open up in two weeks. They only have around ten animals at a time, kept in daycare with daily walks along the waterfront, and much love and socialization. Relationships between the owners of Pixie Project and adoptive parents are generally long-term and in the Portland area.

BUT… We need a courier to accompany the dogs on the trip from Santiago to Los Angeles or Portland. Please help spread the word, no matter where you are. There are many travelers along that route, we just need to know who they are. Alternatively, if someone were to donate enough for my airfare, I could go and fetch the dogs, film their journey home, and get all the pick-up shots I need in Santiago!

Here are the lucky four –
Conaf1. Conaf – the hugger, wraps her front legs around your body and won’t let go. Abandoned in Chaiten when the volcano erupted. Found one year later, starved, under a tree with a litter of ten puppies.

2. Rinco – Abandoned in Rinconada when he was just a few weeks old. When his brother lost an eye from being accidentally squashed in a fight, and Rinco was being molested by the red gremlin, we brought him home to Gabriela’s house. He then broke his leg but he’s all better now and the worms are all gone. He’s one tough little pup.

Fumarole3. Fumarola – I intend to work with her as she needs much socialization. Born in Chaiten and rejected by her mother, she had never had human contact until she was captured, escaped and recaptured in quite a traumatic way. Not a good way to be introduced to humans, but I’d like to show her that some of us are quite nice.

pup in box
4. To be decided


The amount needed for four animals and a one-way courier, if we can find one: $1,200.
My airfare to courier them over, and do a second film shoot while I’m there: $1,500.
New camera (improved format) because mine is broken after the last trip: $5,000.
Saving lives and making a film about it: Priceless.

Contact: Vanessa Schulz
Donate: 21st Paradigm Films


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