The Candidates

By tomorrow, Monday June 29, I will be on the road, headed for Santiago. There I have nine days to select the dogs to be rescued and brought to the US. Four lucky dogs. If LAN airlines approves another four, it could be eight IF certain offers of adoption or fostering come through. If that piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit, they will have to be left behind. Here are the candidates, in order of their likelihood to be rescued –

ConafConaf – the hugger, wraps her front legs around your body and won’t let go. 2 years old. Abandoned in Chaiten when the volcano erupted. Found one year later, starved, under a tree with a litter of ten puppies. Future therapy dog.

FumaroleFumarola – Born in Chaiten, she had never had human contact until she was captured, escaped and recaptured. Needs socialization and lessons in how to trust. Has all the potential to be an amazing companion. To me.

RincoRinco – Who can resist Rinco?! Abandoned in Rinconada with his mother and brother. His brother lost an eye out there and was adopted as a result. Fearing for his life, we brought Rinco home and Gabriela has fostered him for two months. He’s great with people and dogs and has one helluva story to tell! And it will be told, in Lost Dogs, the movie 🙂

Rinco’s mom – Because one Rinco just isn’t enough! She’s been to hell and back (well, we’re working on the back part) and deserves a chance at happiness. In Rinconada she’s surviving poisonings, the traffic, the bitter winter cold and wetness, starvation, other dogs, and men with rifles (no insult intended to real men).

HuskyThe Husky – A temporary name for a dog that should grace this planet for as long as possible. He’s a beauty, strong, courteous, previous alpha male of the Rinconada pack until he ceded to a pushy Rottweiler that was later poisoned. Capacity for immense loyalty – he followed me to the top of the hill to film, despite having to hobble through a thorn field.

SonrisalSonrisal – Another Chaiten survivor. We captured him with a nasty hole in his head, which is now apparently the reason he cannot be adopted in Chile. Why get a dog with a scab on his head when there are so many to choose from? Why indeed. The first four days I knew this dog he hid behind a toilet and would not show his face. Maybe there’s someone out there to love him, scab and all…

RamoneRamone – Hit by a car that took his leg because amputations are cheaper and easier than fixing bones. He lives at the Trinidad Clinic in Santiago, surrounded by 14 or so other dogs and many, many sick dogs. He showed signs of depression when he was with the dogs because what he really wanted was to be with people. That, sadly, is what they all want.

This list will undoubtedly change. Along with organizing their travel, I have filming to do, a wheelchair to deliver to Princessa, medical supplies to deliver, Tazlab ideas to negotiate and much more. I’ll keep you posted and please, email if you want to be a part of this incredible journey in any way. Special thanks to Amy and the Pixie Project for starting the ball rolling on this campaign, to Jay Chapman for the generous upcoming use of his camera, and last but not least, Trish Krayeski, Cara Townsend and David Gomez for all their energy and help with logistics.


3 Responses to “The Candidates”

  1. 2 bruce willett July 10, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Hello Vanessa,

    Nice work and beautiful dogs. I have been working with a shelter down here in Punta Arenas and its good to see Americans involved!


  2. 3 carla July 10, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    mis mas sinceras felicitacione, me reconforta el alma saber que aún existen personas que quieren brindarles un mejor existir a los animalitos, en contraposición de los que maltratan, muy dulce cada perrito, indiscutiblemente rinco es un exquisito, gracias por lo que hacen y siga porfavor.

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