Lost Dogs Fundraiser, Saturday August 22

The best thing to come out of Bend’s Lost Dogs fundraiser on August 22 is the adoption of Cassandra! Bob George is the lucky winner, as is Cassandra. Now of the seven dogs to come to the US, only Roberto waits for his forever home.

We had a great turn-out at the generously donated Lavabelles Vacation Rental home. Thank you to all the volunteers, donors and guests for making this event a huge success!

Since the benefit, several letters have come in from people inspired to help. I urge you to go to your local animal shelter and volunteer to walk the dogs there. They are often isolated in tiny stalls and remain in solitary confinement for days on end without a walk or physical human contact. Go and walk these dogs, it is hugely rewarding in that it helps so much. If it’s physically challenging, there are cats waiting to be cuddled. And if that’s too challenging, keep donating to 21st Paradigm so we can continue our work. We’ve got a long way to go towards the total film/distribution budget and the sooner we raise it, the sooner the film is completed and out there for the world to see.


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