Animal Relief Chile

CEFU (Coalition for Ethical Control of Urban Fauna), a coalition of animal protection groups in Chile, has formed a new benchmark in support of animals and their owners affected by the earthquake, called Animal Relief Chile.

– Animanaturalis, Animal Consciousness, Rima, ADAR, ASPS Talca, independent animal Enraizarte and students from the Universidad Diego Portales, Universidad Mayor, Iberoamericana and Universidad de Chile, opened up the new benchmark for all organizations and country animal protectionists.

The group seeks to create a joint national platform to manage, collect and distribute aid in a coordinated manner and coordinate the resources necessary to provide veterinary medical care, rehabilitate and relocate the animals affected by the disaster. United under the slogan “Do not leave them behind, they also suffer” protectionists have coordinated a national support network covering various fronts such as veterinary care, legal management, resource management, communications, and support personnel.

In the overall coordination, CEFU executive director Alejandra Casino said: “This campaign aims to help victims of the earthquake rescue their pets, and pets who play an important role from an emotional standpoint. As provided in the spirit of solidarity volunteer work that characterizes us, we provide authority to do the work that is needed. We want to avoid breaking the link between families and their pets. They can make a difference in a difficult night or a cold day.”

Animal Relief Chile (SACH) asks the great Chilean animal community and the rest of the world to join this campaign to help the animal victims of the earthquake, and their owners.

Contributions can be made to the account of the Organization OPRA
Account: 01-16460-0. Development Bank
Ruth: 65640920-7
Send a confirmation email labelled Red to

For donations of perishables and medical supplies, please communicate directly with those responsible for receiving and coordinating the aid:
Animal Relief Chile:
Alejandra Cassino Marcel
09 235 1982

We note that support for circus animals that were in the town of Ilocos, is being managed by Ecopolis Vilos, and their president, Florence Trujillo Ecopolis.


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