Euthanasia Controversy in Dichato

In addition to the controversy in Dichato over rescue groups relocating animals that are possibly infected with distemper (thereby unknowingly spreading the disease), there is another topic in debate – that of euthanasia.

The tension is between volunteers who supposedly made an agreement with local authorities to euthanize as many animals as the “distemper argument” allows, and more experienced, volunteer veterinarians who not only question the theory of distemper outbreak, but who are providing strong evidence against it.

Diarrhea and respiratory problems are just as likely to be caused by near-drowning and the resulting saltwater intake, and/or scavenging on garbage, dead fish, rotting meat, even mud, as from distemper. There are cases of dogs that have fully recovered since receiving proper care and nourishment.

We are awaiting further information.


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