Thank you’s for June 5

THANK YOU to all the guests in attendance, thank you for becoming involved in our cause, for donating dollars and purchasing items that will move the project forward, one frame at a time.

THANK YOU to Reese Mercer for initiating and organizing the event. Thank you to Janet Champ for getting our foot in the Wieden+Kennedy door, not to mention all the other things you do.

THANK YOU to Wieden+Kennedy for hosting us, and for your forward-thinking policy of allowing employees to bring their companions to work. Thank you Jinnina Chiles, for your gracious help and enthusiasm, no matter the hour.

THANK YOU to all the volunteers for the many hours contributed to make this event, and the film, a success –
Trish Krayeski, Hali Griffin, Katie Merrit, Jenny Cruickshank, Denise Cajacob, Ron Thompson, Cara Townsend, Jonathan Tadross, Anthony Tanaka, Tommy O’Connor, Misha Dickersen, Allen Dickersen, Ann-Marie Glover, Stephanie Stroup, Donde Bukowski, Hilary Carey, Carrie Fagerstrom, Kit Johnson, Courtney Latham, Linda McBarron, Hailey Pyles, Ginna, Ellen Schulte, Kathy Strom, Sara Wittenberg, Matt and JoAnn Hand. Your ability to go beyond the call of duty with a smile does not go unnoticed.

THANK YOU to our sponsors –
Blacksail Collective (graphic design)
Dotty Parker Floral Design (eco-friendly, edible bouquets!)
Twist Cocktails (beverages!)
Devils’ Food Catering (snacks!)
Bend Radio Group (funding and promotion)
Lavabelles Vacation Rentals (accommodation)
Our Place in Bend (accommodation)
Bend Pet Express (merchandise)
Tazlab (merchandise)
Pinnacle Media Inc. (AV support)

THANK YOU to Lance Hardy for photographing the event.

THANK YOU to Jim Riswold, for generously contributing your provocative art to the silent auction, reminding us the holocaust has yet to end.


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