21st Paradigm in the throes of a set-back, thanks to the AKC

21st Paradigm in the throes of a set-back:

On December 5, 21st Paradigm was scheduled to hold a benefit in Los Angeles to raise production funds for the documentary, Lost Dogs, the purpose of which is to raise awareness of the plight of millions of homeless dogs. The film focuses specifically on the street dogs of Chile and strays in the US shelter system.

The benefit was to be held at the Westin Long Beach Hotel and with over one hundred guests already confirmed, the Westin is canceling our reservation because of the American Kennel Club’s National Championships held over the same weekend.

AKC has the clout to shut us down. When breeding purebred dogs drives profit motive, an alternative message about rescuing homeless dogs is to be censored, and that is exactly what the AKC is doing.

21st Paradigm is asking for someone in the LA or Long Beach area to offer a space for a fundraiser for Lost Dogs (all additional arrangements will be handled by the 21st Paradigm staff). The filmmaker, Vanessa Schulz, will be in attendance to give a presentation and show a preview of the film in production.

To partner with 21st Paradigm, please contact Anthony at anthony@lostdogsfilm.org.


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