A Tragedy in Chile

Monday November 8

A tragedy has occurred in Talagante, a city some 25 miles from Santiago.

A 56-year-old woman and her 25-year-old daughter, a veterinarian, were attacked and killed by a pack of seven dogs.

Three Saint Bernards and four mixed-breed dogs escaped a neighboring yard and attacked the women’s two pets. Hearing the noise of the fight, the women went to investigate and when they tried to separate the dogs, the pack of seven turned on them, causing head and neck wounds that proved fatal.

An investigation is underway and the owner of the dogs is in jail awaiting criminal charges. He has two prior claims against him for his dogs attacking a person as well as someone else’s pet. As yet there is no information about the condition in which his dogs had been living.

The seven dogs are currently in the municipal shelter where they are being tested for rabies. Undoubtedly they will be killed.

This tragic incident jeopardizes the life of every street dog. It is the street dogs that take the heat for the behavior of owned dogs, which is often the result of being starved, beaten, taunted, confined and/or chained by their owners.

Already there are rumors of federal orders to perform a mass killing of stray dogs.


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