Massacre of Dogs televised on Meganoticias – English transcription

TV broadcast by MegaNoticias – November 18, 2010

(Transcribed by Carol Linacre, production assistant for Lost Dogs)

A massive and cruel killing of stray dogs was recorded in Penaflor. Police are investigating the incident and suspect that neighbors of the commune had acted in revenge due the pack that killed two women in that district last week.
This is our report today:
Reporter: “This is the bleak picture captured by Meganoticias at Mallarauco hills in Penaflor. A few days ago, about 300 stray dogs roamed around, now several of them lay dead and many disappeared.
Last week a mother and daughter were killed, attacked by a pack of 9 dogs, owned by a neighbor, who had gathered them from this sector where it is customary to throw these animals. Since that day, the dogs of this place were in danger.
Hector and Agustin, visited and fed these dogs weekly, but on Tuesday, they encountered this cruel slaughter. Everything seems to indicate they were poisoned. The few who survived, now distrust any human who wants to help.”
Hector Negrete: “… this is a totally abnormal situation, on one hand involves animal abuse, and on the other, the spread and dispersion of toxic substances into the environment.”
Agustin Romero: “… there was a very spoiled dog of mine. I brought food and things to disinfect him, and to see him there, laying at the edge of the road … I think it is not the way to address these problems. We have to admit it is a problem, but I think it’s not the way.”
Reporter: “These are among the few survivors of the Mallarauco massacre in Penaflor. Now we’re going to the City Hall, to request more information of what, unfortunately, occurred here.”

Mayor: “I believe in God, and would not be able to do such a thing.”
Reporter: “Do you rule out any participation of the municipality?”
Mayor: “I rule out totally, because, I insist, is not my style.”
Reporter: “Along with the Mayor, we returned to Mallarauco hills. The sad scenario, coupled with the odor generated by the decomposition of dead dogs, dismayed the people present.”
Mayor: “I will take all necessary steps, first, get all these dogs that are dead and buried them, because the smell is intense. Second, I’ll take other dogs, several still roam around, and will bring them to a kennel that I’m going to build in the meantime, while the superior authorities resolve what are we going to do with animals.”
Reporter: “Following the complaint of Meganoticias, police arrived quickly, along with the PDI (PDI is the civil police in Chile) and Environmental Health staff to investigate the killing. Big would be their surprise when examining the animals, many had bruises, cuts, and even gunshot wounds.”
Mesmud Adi, Veterinary Medical Officer for Penaflor Environmental Hygiene department: “We found two with multiple injuries, two with stab wounds and another with severe head trauma, resulting from a blunt object. There are three that by the time of death, I estimate 3-4 days, are in very bad condition.”
Reporter: “Is there human action behind the death of these dogs?”
Mesmud Adi: “Obviously.”

Reporter: “Alberto Saavedra is also shocked by what happened, despite his wife and daughter died attacked by dogs like these, advocates for animals, believes that people in the commune may be behind the killing.”
Alberto Saavedra: “I cannot cheer or anything, but I think it is forming a revenge theme against animals, resulting from what happened, two human beings who have died, leaving a trail of uncertainty, doubt …”
Reporter: “These are the consequences of the lack of a law of responsible pet ownership, a legal loop that has unfortunately left a trail of human and animal deaths in the commune of Penaflor.”


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