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Interview with Vanessa Schulz on Animal Voices

Animal Voices is Toronto’s animal liberation radio show, broadcasting locally on CIUT 89.5 FM and worldwide at, live, every Tuesday at 11 am-noon EST. The show is aimed at the liberation of animals, social justice, and environmental health.

Co-hosted and produced by Lauren Corman and Steve Romanin, Animal Voices strives to shine a light on the issues around the taking of animal lives for human pleasure. In the words of past guest and AIDS and animal rights activist, Steven Simmons, “It’s time for us to end this hierarchy of who has the right to live, who deserves not to suffer, who should be respected — that there’s a limit to the amount of compassion that we can have for our fellow creatures.” Steven passed away in 1997 but his words remain the foundation for why Animal Voices exists today.

For the interview with Vanessa Schulz about Lost Dogs and 21st Paradigm’s other documentaries, listen here


Why You Don’t Want to be a Tourist in Turkey

Not wanting to be a tourist in Turkey begins with not wanting to be a dog. In addition to undocumented reports of around 50 stray dogs thrown from a bridge in Istanbul, we now have documented proof of abuse in yet another death-camp posing as a shelter.

A CNN iReport shows undercover footage recorded at the Kadir Topbas Hasdal Municipal shelter in Istanbul. The scandal was originally uncovered by Let’s Adopt!, which places blame on the mayor of Istanbul, Kadir Topbas, the man in charge of how the city’s shelters are run. Let’s Adopt is pushing for a complete overhaul of the Turkish shelter system. There is a way that we can help them in this endeavor.

21st Paradigm has written a letter to Mr. Kadir Topbas, asking him to ensure Turkish Animal Welfare Law 5199 be upheld. The law already declares Turkey a No-Kill nation for dogs. All you need to do is –


Spread the word!

Or if you’re as outraged as we are, contact the major of Istanbul directly –

Kadir Topbas direct line: + 90 212 45521400

And if you’re considering spending your tourism dollars in Turkey, please visit this ONLINE GALLERY first… you might change your mind.

The story of “Lost Dogs” applies to almost every country in the world, from USA to Russia to South Africa to Puerto Rico… to Turkey. Please help us complete the film by making a tax-deductible donation.
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Thank you all.

For the dogs,
Vanessa Schulz, director

Lost Dogs – Year End Update

As 2010 comes to a close, I reflect on a year of triumphs and setbacks to imagine the best way forward.

Success was the strengthening of the 21st Paradigm production team. I especially thank Anthony Tanaka for his loyalty, persistence and dedication to the project. For Tonito, Felipa, Lilly and Emilia, the mutts who escaped life on the streets in Chile and are now blissfully happy in California and Oregon, for them the year could not have been better! Thank you to Gabriela Jarpa for staying true to the dogs of Rinconada.

Two massive earthquakes devastated parts of Chile, causing canine distemper outbreaks and worsening the already existing calamities of starvation and homelessness. Within days, television media was drugging the global public with other mundane news, while the struggle between life and death continued on the ground, unabated. So too, the struggle for life in US shelters. Another 3 million or more dogs were killed unnecessarily in “shelters,” including the 2-year old war hero who survived the war in Afghanistan and saved fifty soldiers’ lives, only to be killed by mistake within two days of entering the shelter system in Arizona.

As I look back on the year’s progress in terms of finishing the film, I am dismayed at how much time was taken up in the effort to generate funds for production costs. Grant writing, personal appeals, public fundraisers, gallery exhibits, online outreach… The efforts of this small band of volunteers was enormous, and still we operate on a shoe-string budget. It might be character-building, but the time lost is heartbreaking. Meanwhile the southern-most animal shelter in Chile closed it’s doors for lack of adequate funds; poisoning, shooting, stabbing and clubbing of street dogs increased dramatically in major cities, while animal activists continue their struggle to deter the Chilean government from enacting laws that would cause similar deaths for some 2.5 million stray dogs. This, when the feasible solution is at our fingertips – Spay and Neuter. All it takes is education and the will to foster a humane society.

As I mourn the recent loss of my beloved companion of ten years, Digby, I am struck by the immense honor of having a dog as teacher. It makes me that much more grateful for Fumarola, my Chilean rescue who brings me endless amounts of joy.

I take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and volunteers, and ensure that we will strive for a 2011 completion date for the film.

Click HERE to donate online.

I wish for better times for the animals of our world, for they too deserve a peaceful place.

Vanessa Schulz

Protest Cruelty with One Click!


Massacre of Dogs televised on Meganoticias – English transcription

TV broadcast by MegaNoticias – November 18, 2010

(Transcribed by Carol Linacre, production assistant for Lost Dogs)

A massive and cruel killing of stray dogs was recorded in Penaflor. Police are investigating the incident and suspect that neighbors of the commune had acted in revenge due the pack that killed two women in that district last week.
This is our report today:
Reporter: “This is the bleak picture captured by Meganoticias at Mallarauco hills in Penaflor. A few days ago, about 300 stray dogs roamed around, now several of them lay dead and many disappeared.
Last week a mother and daughter were killed, attacked by a pack of 9 dogs, owned by a neighbor, who had gathered them from this sector where it is customary to throw these animals. Since that day, the dogs of this place were in danger.
Hector and Agustin, visited and fed these dogs weekly, but on Tuesday, they encountered this cruel slaughter. Everything seems to indicate they were poisoned. The few who survived, now distrust any human who wants to help.”
Hector Negrete: “… this is a totally abnormal situation, on one hand involves animal abuse, and on the other, the spread and dispersion of toxic substances into the environment.”
Agustin Romero: “… there was a very spoiled dog of mine. I brought food and things to disinfect him, and to see him there, laying at the edge of the road … I think it is not the way to address these problems. We have to admit it is a problem, but I think it’s not the way.”
Reporter: “These are among the few survivors of the Mallarauco massacre in Penaflor. Now we’re going to the City Hall, to request more information of what, unfortunately, occurred here.”

Mayor: “I believe in God, and would not be able to do such a thing.”
Reporter: “Do you rule out any participation of the municipality?”
Mayor: “I rule out totally, because, I insist, is not my style.”
Reporter: “Along with the Mayor, we returned to Mallarauco hills. The sad scenario, coupled with the odor generated by the decomposition of dead dogs, dismayed the people present.”
Mayor: “I will take all necessary steps, first, get all these dogs that are dead and buried them, because the smell is intense. Second, I’ll take other dogs, several still roam around, and will bring them to a kennel that I’m going to build in the meantime, while the superior authorities resolve what are we going to do with animals.”
Reporter: “Following the complaint of Meganoticias, police arrived quickly, along with the PDI (PDI is the civil police in Chile) and Environmental Health staff to investigate the killing. Big would be their surprise when examining the animals, many had bruises, cuts, and even gunshot wounds.”
Mesmud Adi, Veterinary Medical Officer for Penaflor Environmental Hygiene department: “We found two with multiple injuries, two with stab wounds and another with severe head trauma, resulting from a blunt object. There are three that by the time of death, I estimate 3-4 days, are in very bad condition.”
Reporter: “Is there human action behind the death of these dogs?”
Mesmud Adi: “Obviously.”

Reporter: “Alberto Saavedra is also shocked by what happened, despite his wife and daughter died attacked by dogs like these, advocates for animals, believes that people in the commune may be behind the killing.”
Alberto Saavedra: “I cannot cheer or anything, but I think it is forming a revenge theme against animals, resulting from what happened, two human beings who have died, leaving a trail of uncertainty, doubt …”
Reporter: “These are the consequences of the lack of a law of responsible pet ownership, a legal loop that has unfortunately left a trail of human and animal deaths in the commune of Penaflor.”

45 Dogs Poisoned in Peñaflor, November 18, 2010

45 dogs were brutally poisoned last night in response to the tragic deaths of two women who were attacked by seven owned dogs in Peñaflor, Chile on November 8.

Meat laced with Strychnine is the cheapest and most common method used. It is also the cruelest, leaving animals to die slow, painful deaths from organ failure and ultimate asphyxiation. Their grimaced expressions upon death are testament to the agony that lasts for hours and even days.

This heartless action and the destruction of the dogs’ rudimentary shelters are thought to be the covert work of the local municipality. The mayor of Peñaflor, Manuel Fuentes, denied any knowledge of the poisonings, then had his communications manager falsely report that only seven dogs were dead and that legal action would be brought against those responsible.


A public demonstration called “Do not believe Manuel Fuentes” is planned in Penaflor on Saturday, November 20 at 16h00 –

Isolated poisonings are on the increase throughout Santiago. If you are in Chile, please stay tuned in to demonstrations through and by signing up with Gabriela Jarpa on Facebook at


1. Support 21st Paradigm and help us complete the film, Lost Dogs, which will bring this message in visual form to the world:

2. Support Chile Animal –
(Contact: Paola Dragnic). Donations help them print educational materials and hire youth in Santiago to use social media (Facebook, Twitter and others) to inundate the airwaves with information that points to solutions, stepping away from inhumane, covert action.

3. We urge you to locate Chilean Consulate emails (US listed below) and flood them with letters – short, polite correspondence addressing the following points:

ATTENTION: Ministry of the Interior, Senate and House of Representatives:

We are contacting you in response to the recent mass killings of dogs in Chile and demand that humane action be taken.

• The solution is for each community to have adequate funds for sterilization, vaccinations and assistance to locate homes for stray dogs/cats. Mass killing is not the solution.
• Many of the dogs killed were already sterilized and present no threat or disturbance to people. On the contrary, they are bonded to and loved by many people who feel great loss when they are unnecessarily killed.
• Many of the dogs poisoned are people’s pets. There is no discrimination.
• Poisoning, beating, shooting, drowning and gassing animals is NOT euthanasia. Euthanasia is defined as “mercy killing.” This is called MURDER. We demand this be stopped, that the perpetrators be brought to justice, and that the government be honest with the people it is meant to serve.
• The gruesome, violent deaths experienced by the dogs sends a message to the Chilean people and the world that Chilean authorities condone this level of extreme violence. This is not in line with an emerging, civilized country wishing to establish itself in the international community.



The Chilean Embassy web site is: which contains the Consular Offices of:

Consulate General San Francisco –
Consulate General Los Angeles –
Consulate General New York –
Consulate General in Miami –
Consulate General in Chicago –;;
Consulate General in Houston –
Consulate in Washington D.C. –
Consulate in Philadelphia –;;
Consulate in Puerto Rico –
Consulate in Boston –
Consulate in Honolulu –
Consulate in Las Vegas – ;

Please visit: for the list of the other honorary consulates.

A Tragedy in Chile

Monday November 8

A tragedy has occurred in Talagante, a city some 25 miles from Santiago.

A 56-year-old woman and her 25-year-old daughter, a veterinarian, were attacked and killed by a pack of seven dogs.

Three Saint Bernards and four mixed-breed dogs escaped a neighboring yard and attacked the women’s two pets. Hearing the noise of the fight, the women went to investigate and when they tried to separate the dogs, the pack of seven turned on them, causing head and neck wounds that proved fatal.

An investigation is underway and the owner of the dogs is in jail awaiting criminal charges. He has two prior claims against him for his dogs attacking a person as well as someone else’s pet. As yet there is no information about the condition in which his dogs had been living.

The seven dogs are currently in the municipal shelter where they are being tested for rabies. Undoubtedly they will be killed.

This tragic incident jeopardizes the life of every street dog. It is the street dogs that take the heat for the behavior of owned dogs, which is often the result of being starved, beaten, taunted, confined and/or chained by their owners.

Already there are rumors of federal orders to perform a mass killing of stray dogs.