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Dogs are the gateway

DSC_1071 DSC_1252If I have a goal with Lost Dogs it is to inspire empathy towards all other beings, be they human or animal. Animals just need a lot more help.

During the filming of Lost Dogs, I was in a remote part of Patagonia, then a disaster area after a volcanic eruption. Some villagers had begun to trickle back and one such person took it upon himself to punish a horse for mating with the man’s free-roaming mare.

I approached the horse, a gentle soul with a kind demeanor, only to notice the redness of his tail. It was later that I got the full story from our team’s volunteer veterinarian. Daniela Ortiz told me the man had cut off the horse’s penis with a knife and left the open wound to the flies and maggots. If animals were to formulate a religion, surely they would depict the Devil in human form.

Together, let us use dogs – man’s best friend and closest companion – as a gateway species to inspire compassion for all animals. Let us use Lost Dogs the film, to educate the males of our species on how to be real men, because real men are kind to animals. No level of ignorance can excuse such shamefully cruel behavior.DSC_1073DSC_1081